Mulch & Topsoil in Cedar City, UT

A high-quality mulch protects the soil from elements such as the sun and wind, keeping your plants healthier for longer periods of time. We carry a few different kinds of mulch in Southern Utah to best meet your needs. However, not all mulches are the same. The combinations of debris, bark, leaves and other ingredients will help your garden in different ways.
Your lawn may have different nutritional needs based on a variety of factors. Luckily, these factors are pretty similar across Southern Utah. Without the proper nutrition, your lawn could become discolored, thin and eventually die. Our mulches, including our mushroom mulch, help prevent that process.
We also sell amended soil to keep your yard healthy and nourished. If your garden appears to be lacking a certain nutrient, an amended soil could solve the problem. Amended soils contain additives that aim to make up lost nutrients. Here are just some of the products you can purchase from us at Red Cedar Rock:

  • Mushroom mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Amended soil
  • Steer mulch
  • Fill dirt
  • Sand

If you’re looking for topsoil or mushroom mulch in Utah, come visit us today. Red Cedar Rock Landscape Supply is your best choice for landscaping products. Our wide selection of supplies will help you create your dream landscape.

Are you looking to make your landscape healthier? We’re the place to go for that. Red Cedar Rock Landscape Supply offers delivery to Cedar City, Iron County, Hamiltons Fort, and Enoch, UT and surrounding areas. If you’re looking to add topsoil, wood chips, or decorative rock to your yard, contact us at 435-586-0490.